Help Topics

Help Topics are an effective way to provide additional information without cluttering the workflow. They can be job-aids, external links, or just additional information. You can search for any Help Topic at any point within the workflow, but Help Topics are surfaced as “Suggested Help Topics” based on the step where they are created. Therefore, it is recommended that you create Help Topics at relevant steps whenever possible.

To begin, simply click + Create New Help Topic:

Create a suggested help topic

You will need to name your Help Topic. If you want this Help Topic to also be available in other workflows, you can link them here as well.

New help topic form

The Help Topic canvas offers a rich text editor and allows for both links and pictures to be included.

Help topic editor

When you have completed your Help Topic, click Publish.

Publish help topics

Your Help Topics will be displayed above the Workflow Elements bin:

Suggested help topics

When in a ticket, you can open Help Topics by clicking the Search bar on the right. Suggested Help Topics will be listed first. Click on the Help Topic name to expand it.

Suggested help topic in ticketing

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