Setting Up Teams

Teams are optional in Happitu. If everyone in your organization should have access to every workflow, then you don’t need to set up any teams. If, however, you utilize “Tiered” support teams or have different functional groups that need different workflows, setting up teams makes this incredibly simple. To begin, click on your profile name in the upper left-hand corner of Happitu:

User profile

Then click on Teams:

Account menu with teams option highlighted

If you don’t have any teams established, you’ll be presented with 2 buttons that accomplish the same thing: New Team and Create a Team. The New Team button will always appear even after you have created your first team.

Blank team management screen

Simply name your team and click Create:

New team form

If you already have members and/or workflows, you can assign them now by clicking on Add Member and/or Add Workflow. If not, here is how to Add Members to a Team and here is how to Add a Workflow to a Team.

New team management screen