Tags and Documentation

Documentation includes and information captured within the ticket generated by the workflow. Action Items and Workflow Elements that capture information, like Text Fields, Telephone Number, Email Address, etc. are automatically documented. Script Blurbs can be optionally documented.

Action Items also allow for Tags which can drive reports delivered via Insights. Tags can be thought of as categories, diagnoses, and/or dispositions that allow you insight into what needs are driving your customer interactions.

By applying a “New Order” tag to the New Order Action Item, every interaction that follows this path will be categorized for reporting. Not every Action Item needs a tag, and because Action Items are also reportable, the tag does not necessarily need to match the Action Item. You can also use the same tag on multiple Action Items throughout the workflow.

One example of non-Action Item-matching tag usage would be to tag actions that could be accomplished with self-service options like your website as “Self-Service Available”, allowing you to understand how much of your agent-assisted volume could be deflected with better promotion of self-service options.

Applying a tag to a workflow action

Clicking the document icon on an Action Item will enable an Action Item Custom Documentation field which you can edit to document something other than the Action Item label:

Overwrite action documentation