Workflow Elements

Address workflow element field icon Address Field instantly provides all standard address fields as text boxes with postal code validation for the city.

App launcher workflow element icon App Launcher presents a button to launch any URL in a new tab within the current browser, great for secondary systems.

Attach file workflow element icon Attach File can be used for screen shots, pictures, documents, etc., great for troubleshooting

Auto-document workflow element icon Auto-Document appends documentation to tickets unseen by the agent, particularly useful for escalations.

Date picker workflow element icon Date Picker presents a calendar for a simple way to indicate a date like a purchase date or arrival date.

Date range workflow element icon Date Range Picker is similar to Date Picker but allows both a start and end date to be selected to show a range.

Direction workflow element icon Direction allows you to present instructions to the user that are not intended to be read to the customer like Script Blurbs.

Email workflow element field icon Email Field simply captures an email while verifying the entry has a valid email format.

Image workflow element icon Image allows the insertion of any picture file type to display within the script, great for visual system guidance.

Multi-line workflow element field icon Multi-Line Text Field is used to capture things like customer comments, requests, escalation details, etc.

Multi-select workflow element icon Multi-Select allows you to provide a list of items, any combination of which can be selected, great for documenting symptoms.

Script blurb workflow element icon Script Blurb provides “Words that Work” for the agent and provides a consistent customer interaction experience.

Single select workflow element icon Single Select allows you to provide a list of items, of which only one can be selected, great for documenting a model #.

Telephone field icon Telephone Field captures a telephone number while verifying the entry has a valid phone number format (7 or 10 digits).

Text field icon Text Field is used to capture data and can also be assigned as a variable to be displayed within a Script Blurb later.