Workflow Rollout

The Rollout Workflow functionality is used to publish a workflow and any changes to the live environment and is located in the upper right-hand corner of the Workflow Designer.

Rollout workflow button

This functionality runs a “Pre-flight Checklist” before publishing to make sure there are no major issues. In the example below, the check failed because I have an Action Item on the Policy / Process Inquiry step that is incomplete. By clicking Go to step I can make the necessary changes.

Workflow with problems Workflow problem list

Once addressed, the Pre-flight Checklist shows everything that has been checked and what has changed. For more details, click the expand arrow to see exactly what elements have changed and their location in the workflow. You can click on Go to step to see even more details. Once satisfied that everything is ready to go, click Rollout Workflow and users will see the changes with their next ticket.

Review workflow modifications pane