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Agent Scripting & Contextual Knowledge Base

Create powerful scripts for
your agents with ease.

Happitu supports your agents by taking them step-by-step through complex conversations with customers via dynamic scripting and contextual help topics—automatically documenting the entire journey!

Dynamic agent scripts that improve the customer experience.

Every call starts with a simple question: “How may I help you?”

Based on the response, the agent scripting tool provides real-time guidance on the best path to resolution. This allows agents to focus on delivering an amazing customer experience, not frantically flipping through support manuals.

Happitu gives teams the information they need, when they need it, leading to extraordinary customer experiences only a human—not a robo-agent—can provide!

Thank you for calling Happitu. My name is Hiro. How may I help you?

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I need help with:
  • ⬇️ Decreasing training time
  • 😵 Reducing agent errors
  • 🎂 Improving first call resolution
  • 🥇 Delivering consistent customer experiences
Trigger email to CEO about Happitu,
await your promotion.

We can help with that!

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Scripting Software Features

Built for everyone. Simply drag, drop, deploy.

Building scripts in the workflow designer is so easy to use that staff with no tech experience can set up workflows for any call type—no IT support required! Simply drag and drop your elements on the screen, link components to your CRM, and roll it out.

Automate Your Customer Experience Workflows

Automations built into Happitu will automatically document tickets as it goes, configure decision trees to fire off emails, attach documents, escalate issues to different supervisory teams when it is beyond the scope of the front-line agent, and way more!

Don't sweat releasing changes across agent desktops

You have instant access to make cloud-based changes across every agent desktop, such as creating new decision trees, setting up temporary changes that expire automatically, or making various updates on the fly. This allows you to keep your team up-to-date with all of the latest policies, procedures, and processes.

Workspaces for any call type and any workflow

Configure your workspaces to handle many different customer journeys. Agent scripts can be written for all types of businesses with any type of customer interaction imaginable; from reservation taking and customer service…to sales order processing and membership care…from tech support to outbound surveys…the list is endless!

Your Complete CX Snapshot

Happitu documents the process as the agent works; you always have access to detailed and transparent reporting analytics. Integrating rich call reasons and resolution with your ACD, Happitu gives you the complete picture so that you can confidently make improvements and changes that enhance your customer experience and boost your agent productivity KPIs.

Report call center statistics by resolution rate
Drill down into ticketing call reasons and resolutions.

Fits in your existing omnichannel environment

Happitu's scripting solution seamlessly integrates into your omnichannel environment and CRM. This gives your workflows contextual information that can be relayed back to the agent.

Why Happitu?

Reduce agent training costs by as much as 80%

People forget what they learn in training. It's human nature! Happitu is a safety net that makes it as simple as possible for a new agent to hit the ground running. By serving up critical information throughout every interaction, your employees will never feel in the dark.

Decrease Handle Time by up to 20%

Defining the perfect process removes inconsistencies from agent to agent. Providing the path that is most effective will get agents resolving calls faster. Happitu gives the most efficient and effective route to get from point A to point B via easy-to-follow, interactive scripts!

Ready to build the experience your customers deserve?

Powerful self-serve agent scripting, automated workflows, and analytics to help you optimize your call center and deliver great customer experiences.

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