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Conversation Intelligence

The easiest way to see
every customer interaction.

Does “Rogue” ever describe your customer interactions?
Are you still manually listening to calls to ensure compliance and process adherence? Happitu Vision automatically captures every conversation with Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology offering a view into every customer interaction.

Eliminate blindspots and see right through every conversation.

No more “sampling” every call, you'll never miss a detail with actionable insights that cover every interaction. Whether it's regulatory compliance or process adherence, you'll see the complete picture with automated call transcriptions.

Highlight the parts that matter

Configure rules to identify call drivers, competition, or other events. Create custom dashboards to suit your needs.

X-ray vision

See who is speaking and skip to key moments in the conversation. Dive into the audio playback to hear tone and demeanor.

Get to the bones of team performance.

Whether it's ownership, empathy, process issues, policy issues - Sentiment Analysis uncovers key issues in conversations allowing you to see what's driving negative customer sentiment so you can address it quickly.

Performance Metrics

Identify agent behavior

Spot gaps - such as silence and talking over customers to improve the customer experience.

Monitor efficiency

Whether it's FCR, NPS®, CSAT, AHT, Conversion, ACW, or any other KPI you're trying to improve; instantly shows who needs help and where they need it.

Drive revenue

Target conversion opportunities and close gaps to drive revenue.

Expand your field of view without spending hours mapping data.

Happitu provides flexible integration options that simplify the process of managing your calls. Whether you want to use API, SFTP, S3, or our own telephony solution, we've got you covered.

Happitu's conversation intelligence platform seamlessly integrates with AWS, Nice InContact, and Twilio

Ready to build the experience your customers deserve?

Powerful quality metrics to help you optimize your call center and deliver great customer experiences.

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