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A Change Management Offer You Can't Refuse featuring Sally Mildren

Released on FEBRUARY 24, 2023

Organizational Change can be difficult, especially when you’re a new leader. And while some skills like engaging with those who may be resistant to change should be encouraged, a top-down approach to change management can be lonely and frustrating effort.

Michael Corleone found this out the hard way after taking the reins of the family business. And while most of us aren’t dealing with an organization like his (nor do we have a title like Godfather in that organization), we are all impacted by organizational change efforts. Some of us are even tasked with leading those efforts.

While she’s not a boss in the way Michael Corleone was a “boss”, Sally Mildren is the CEO of Boss Lady Consulting, and she joins the show to discuss how Change Management affects Customer Experience (CX) and how to humanize change efforts.

This week on Next in Queue, we discuss:

  • The most common mistake in managing change
  • How to deal with vocal opponents of change
  • The antidote to change fatigue
  • Keys to sustaining change efforts
  • How to measure the long-term impact of change efforts

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