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Are You Experienced featuring Dan Gingiss

Released on JUNE 30, 2023

If you’ve never seen it, watch footage of Jimi Hendrix at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. Then you’ll understand why his band was called The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Their debut album – Are You Experienced? – was an immediate success, both critically and commercially. But it was Jimi’s stagecraft, a revelation to mostly white Greenwich Village audiences where he emerged as a star, that cemented the “Experience.” This craft had been honed while touring the incredibly demanding Chitlin' Circuit with the likes of the Isley Brothers and Little Richard. Those artists knew that the audiences didn’t just want music – they wanted a show – they demanded an Experience.

Dan Gingiss recognized a long time ago that all customers appreciate an experience and today, he teaches individuals, teams, and audiences around the world how to become The Experience Maker at their organization and elevate their brand to a customer-centric experience leader.

We discuss:

  • The skills he learned from direct mail marketing
  • The tightrope that is influencer marketing and how to do it right
  • Functions social media excel at for brands and functions to avoid
  • The value of “complainers” to brands
  • Personalization mistakes brands make and how to fix them
  • How ChatGPT will impact Customer Experience
  • Voice of Customer and Actions of Customer
  • Why Customer Experience Transformation projects fail

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Dan Gingiss The Experience Maker™

Music courtesy of Big Red Horse