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Be Curious Not Judgmental featuring Ashna Patel

Released on JULY 14, 2023

I may be biased, but this scene from Ted Lasso may be one of the best scenes in recent television history. Aside from reminding us how food can transport us back in time, it more importantly reminds us to always be curious. Asking questions is a skill we learn very early in childhood – particularly ones that begin with “Why?” But that curiosity is often stifled by the desire to appear informed, smart, and competent, particularly in the workplace.

Ashna Patel refuses to abandon that curiosity because she knows that asking questions is the most critical skill on the journey to success. That curiosity has led her to be recognized multiple times as a top influencer in Customer Success and she’s determined to help others develop their own sense of curiosity.

We discuss:

  • Why she co-founded CS Insider
  • What Customer Success entails
  • Responsibilities of Customer Success Managers
  • The most important skills for Customer Success Managers
  • Resources outside your company for professional development
  • One question to ask new connections in your network
  • A free resource to help guide and spark curiosity

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