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Blame Canada featuring Mike Aoki

Released on AUGUST 11, 2023

In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Kyle’s mom, Sheila, makes Canada the scapegoat for the bad behavior of South Park’s children. But if Kyle’s mom were to find a scapegoat today, it would likely be Artificial Intelligence rather than America’s friendly neighbor to the north. It’s hard to go a single day without hearing about how AI will automate everything, including contact center jobs.

One Canadian who’s not scapegoating the role of AI in the contact center is Mike Aoki. A survivor of the American-Canadian War (just kidding), he’s spent decades in the business and is optimistic about how contact centers will adapt and evolve as more AI is introduced.

We discuss:
• Opportunities for generative AI in the contact center
• How the role of contact center agents will evolve
• Impacts of the evolution of the agent role
• The future of knowledgebases and other agent tools
• How remote work impacts contact centers
• One area where AI will drive up costs
• Resources to keep up on the latest best practices in the industry

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Music courtesy of Big Red Horse