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Chain-o'-Command featuring Ron Holt

Released on SEPTEMBER 8, 2023

In 1986’s Odd Jobs, Max (played by Paul Reiser) gets his feet wet in the moving business while partnered with a veteran of the industry, Wylie. In this scene, his very first day on the job, Wylie makes it clear that this partnership is more of a dictatorship. After realizing the only moving company option, which is also mob-owned, provides horrendous service, Max and three friends see an opportunity to start their own moving company. Eighties hilarity ensues.

Ron Holt also saw an opportunity to disrupt the moving business using some of the same strategies he used to grow a successful home cleaning franchise. So he sold the business he spent 20 years building and embarked on a new journey to start “the world’s first happy moving company.” If you ask Ron what the most important word in the moving business is, he’d probably say, “culture.”

We discuss:

  • The missing ingredient for a successful business that Ron was missing
  • How customer feedback changed employee behavior
  • The one metric that worried Ron while business was booming
  • What prompted him to get into the moving business
  • How to go beyond what customers think they want
  • The nexus of the Pink Zebra name
  • How Ron creates employee buy-in to the Pink Zebra culture
  • How Pink Zebra stands out from the competition

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Music courtesy of Big Red Horse