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Hiring Your Next Agent J featuring Milan Batinich II and Mark Brody

Released on OCTOBER 10, 2023

Even the most exclusive organizations in the world often hire based on “gut” or “instinct” without any real data to show whether someone is a good fit for a role or not. In 1997’s Men in Black, a group of young officers, including NYPD detective and future MIB agent J (Will Smith), are submitted to a battery of tests supposedly for their "motor skills, concentration and stamina." The tests were actually designed to assess their intelligence, resourcefulness, independent thinking, relationship with authority, and powers of observation. At the end of all the testing, they hired based on one person’s gut. And while Agent K certainly made the right decision, your business isn’t an action comedy with an all but guaranteed happy ending.

But what if your organization had access to an assessment that identifies behavioral traits that are highly predictive of success in a given role? What if that assessment also gave you insights into how to best support, develop, and motivate employees? Talent Optimization data helps leaders predict workplace behavior so they can hire the right candidates, design goal-crushing teams, cultivate an award-winning culture, and manage employees according to their unique preferences.

Milan Batinich and Mark Brody are Talent Optimization Certified Partners for The Predictive Index.

We discuss:

  • Why Brohawk Solutions launched Talent Optimization Services
  • What makes The Predictive Index different from other assessments
  • What to expect from implementation and onboarding
  • What a successful implementation looks like
  • Real-life stories of success
  • How Talent Optimization is impacted by a changing employment landscape
  • How technology will impact Talent Optimization
  • How you can take your own FREE PI Behavioral Assessment in less than 10 minutes

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