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How Do We Do That featuring Jan Young

Released on SEPTEMBER 1, 2023

Taking a new product to market is rarely easy. Just ask Walter White. Our role in that is often unpredictable. Afterall, Walter was a chemistry teacher before his entrepreneurial escapades on Breaking Bad. He had to learn a lot of new skills to become successful in an entirely different industry.

Jan Young got her start in tech before the dot com bubble burst as a project manager. After moving from New York to Los Angeles, she had stints in marketing, sales and account management, product management, customer success, and go-to-market strategy consulting. Today, she’s focused on helping Customer Success leaders excel in their current role and learn the skills to move into executive roles.

We discuss:

  • A shocking admission of guilt from Jan
  • How Customer Success impacts the Go-To-Market function
  • How the freemium model can lead to easier enterprise procurement
  • The importance of culture design by founders of companies
  • How Customer Success is involved in Change Management
  • How Customer Success drives Land and Expand for subscription models
  • The most critical skills for Customer Success professionals

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