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I Fought the Law featuring John Walter

Released on SEPTEMBER 22, 2023

Hit songs sometimes take a long path to recognition. Perhaps you recognize this song as a hit by The Clash. Their 1979 punk cover version reached #24 on the Irish Singles Chart and has since appeared in blockbuster movies and video games. But the song was written by Sonny Curtis in 1958. The following year, he took over guitar for Buddy Holly in the Crickets and they recorded the song. It received very little airplay. Then, in 1965, The Bobby Fuller Four recorded this version of the song and in 1966, it hit #9 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The law, it seems, can also sometimes take a long path to recognition. In 2008, the Illinois legislature passed a law known as Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). It wasn’t until 2022 that a case involving BIPA ever went to trial. It resulted in $228 million in damages against railway operator BNSF. Since then, over 100 cases have been filed. White Castle, purveyor of late-night sliders and favorite of Harold and Kumar, could be on the hook for over $17 billion in damages! After 15 years on the books, what’s changed? Attorney, Outsourcing Advisor, and AI enthusiast, John Walter joins to discuss how the use of AI has turned BIPA into a surprise hit for litigators.

We discuss:

  • How John became aware of BIPA
  • Background on BIPA
  • How the statute of limitations works for BIPA violations
  • Why Customer Support organizations should be aware of BIPA
  • How Voiceprints are regarded by BIPA
  • How companies may be opening themselves up to BIPA lawsuits
  • What to do if you’re concerned about the impact of BIPA on your business

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Music courtesy of Big Red Horse