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I Know Kung Fu featuring David Wentworth

Released on JUNE 16, 2023

We’re still a long way from learning Kung Fu in seconds like Neo did in The Matrix, but learning technology has come a long way over the past decade. With the impending launch of Apple Vision Pro, and the recent impressive advances in Generative AI, is learning on the cusp of something completely different from what’s come before it?

David Wentworth, spent nearly 2 decades as a learning technology analyst before recently joining Schoox, a workplace learning platform.

We discuss:

  • Why learning professionals have been slow to adopt new technologies • How YouTube changed learning
  • The simplest change organizations can easily make to supercharge learning
  • How virtual reality and the metaverse will impact learning
  • How Generative AI will impact learning
  • Tips on selecting an LMS for your organization

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Music courtesy of Big Red Horse