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I'm Gonna Need You to Go Ahead and Come in Tomorrow featuring Andrew Rios

Released on APRIL 7, 2023

In the 1999 cult classic, Office Space, Peter Gibbons has just been requested by his awful boss, Bill Lumbergh, to work the weekend to make up for the recent layoffs their software company is going through. This might ring a little too true for a lot of people lately, but hopefully, they don’t have to deal with a Lumbergh.

Layoffs, or Reductions in Force (a.k.a. RIF), impact not only the people who are let go, but also the people who are left behind. Lumbergh represents the kind of management unskilled in navigating these types of situations (or any situation, for that matter), but Andrew Rios joins the show today to talk about how to successfully navigate these challenges as a leader so you’re not remembered as a Lumbergh.

We discuss:

  • Why layoffs aren’t always caused by poor management
  • How to effectively lead through a Reduction in Force
  • The unexpected opportunities presented as a result of a RIF
  • Effectively implementing cross-functional training
  • Handling demotions resulting from less employees
  • One mistake to avoid when dealing with smaller teams

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