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I'm Not a CX Influencer featuring Alex Mead

Released on MARCH 31, 2023

With more than a little influence by the Beatles, U2’s The Showman (Little More Better) from 2017 is a lighthearted warning to their fans – don’t trust the performers too much. Before the term “brand” was even coined, “influencers” existed. In fact, celebrity endorsements go all the way back to the 1700s when the UK company, Wedgewood, makers of fine Chinaware, used royal endorsements to promote their products. While these celebrity endorsements have existed for hundreds of years, the social media age has created both “influencers” whose performances involve hawking just about anything you can imagine and their “followers” who pay an outsized amount of attention to what they have to say.

It’s rare for an influencer to come right out and tell you to be wary of the “influencer” system, but Alex Mead doesn’t consider himself an influencer even if LinkedIn does. Alex drives CX innovation from within regardless of the industry. Airlines, Banking, Whisky, Logistics – Alex has done it all, but he wants us all to understand that some “influencers” are more marketing fluff than substance.

We discuss:

  • The issues with the CX “Influencers” and Awards ecosystem
  • How Alex approaches every new project
  • The missing piece in most CX organizations
  • Why personalized and contextual customer service still isn’t common
  • A few myths about Customer Experience
  • How an “outsider” can bring value to CX design

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Music courtesy of Big Red Horse