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I’m Not Your Ordinary, Everyday Fool featuring Rick Denton

Released on JULY 21, 2023

Clark W. Griswold is not your ordinary, everyday fool – he’s an exceptional fool and one who loves travel. Whether it’s California’s Walley World, Europe, or Las Vegas, Clark has experienced a lot as a customer while traveling with his family. In this scene from 1983’s National Lampoon’s Vacation, Clark is experiencing was could have been a “relationship restoration” moment that could have cemented his loyalty for life.

Rick Denton can tell you about successes in a moment like this as well as disasters. Spoiler alert – it’s a disaster for Clark. Rick, probably just like the traveling Clark Griswold, believes the best meals are served outside and require a passport.

We discuss:

• How a Total Voice of the Customer approach leads to growth

• His 3 Pillars of Total Voice of the Customer (VoC)

• How VoC impacts both Internal and External Processes

• How to gain insights from employees

• How process fits into delivering your brand promise

• How stories about your customers can change your employee perceptions

• How he experienced the Japanese culture of omotenashi

• How Relationship Restoration can drive customer loyalty

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What if drug companies made commercials for… airlines

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