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I Never Lose. I Either Win or Learn featuring Neil Pretty

Released on MARCH 3, 2023

Nelson Mandela would spend 27 of his 95 years of life in prison. When The Ska revival band, The Specials (under the name, The Special AKA), released Nelson Mandela in 1984, he had already been in prison in apartheid South Africa for over 20 years and it would be another 6 years before he saw his release. He became the father of the modern, democratic South Africa, bringing an end to apartheid and becoming the first black head of state in South Africa. Winner of the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, Mandela became a revered figure worldwide. He is credited with saying, “I never lose. I either win or learn.”

This mindset of growth and a redefining of failure is a key to accelerating performance and innovation, says Neil Pretty, the CEO of Aristotle Performance.

This week on Next in Queue, we discuss:

  • How leaders create psychological safety and trust
  • What corporations can learn from the military
  • The key conditions for driving innovation among teams
  • Why leaders often default to managing
  • A simple strategy to improve your leadership presence

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