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I Would Rather Work for Chuck E. Cheese featuring Mary Drumond

Released on JUNE 2, 2023

While the disdain Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson has for government is played for laughs, his view of government being inefficient and a lousy place to work is shared by many Americans. But what if government inefficiency and employee dissatisfaction are, in part, because the software tools available to government employees haven’t kept up with the private sector? What if Ron Swanson experienced government tools the same way he experienced bacon and eggs?

These are the kinds of questions Marketing professionals may be asking themselves after hearing what Mary Drumond has to say. She’s focused on being customer centric in her marketing efforts, but her new market, local government, is often ignored. You’ll be surprised to hear what happens when they’re not ignored.

We discuss:

  • What it means to be customer-centric in marketing
  • The importance of Voice of the Customer Data
  • The most cost-effective method of marketing today
  • Astounding misconceptions about government workers
  • The unexpected cost of not investing in technology
  • Mary issues a challenge to marketers

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