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If You Build It They Will Come featuring Annette Franz

Released on MAY 12, 2023

In 1989, Field of Dreams introduced us to one of the most famous quotes in movie history: “If you build it, he will come.” In this scene, Terence convinces Ray to stop listening to his brother-in-law, who is only focused on one thing – the numbers. The number of acres, the lost revenue, and the mortgage. But Terence tells him that when he changes his focus to providing an experience to the people, the people will come.

Annette Franz believes that building will bring things, too. Her latest book, Built to Win, is a blueprint for designing a customer-centric culture that drives value for businesses. During our conversation about employee experience, she said, “When you focus on the people, the numbers will come.” Oh, numbers will come, Annette; numbers will most definitely come.

We discuss:

  • What Customer Experience means
  • One of the biggest barriers to becoming customer-centric
  • How employee experience impacts customer experience
  • The biggest way you can make an impact on becoming customer-centric
  • Brands that Annette is a fan of
  • How scale and a dispersed workforce impact company culture
  • How companies can leverage fans to deliver better experiences

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