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Inconceivable featuring Neal Topf

Released on JUNE 23, 2023

While the Princess Bride featured more famous quotes, Iñigo Montoya questioning Vizzini’s use of “Inconceivable” is not only memorable, but relatable in the business world when we hear terms used over and over in ways that may not be appropriate.

While it’s not “inconceivable,” Neal Topf, President of Callzilla, has his own industry term that makes him feel like Iñigo Montoya every time he hears it in the wrong context. But our conversation isn’t about semantics – it’s about the realities of CX when applied in the real world.

We discuss:

  • A tremendous weakness in the CX industry
  • A distinction between “client” and “customer”
  • Why he prefers “Servant Leaders” over “Thought Leaders”
  • Surprising places to find CX insights
  • The biggest challenges for companies to become profitable
  • The value of contrarians
  • Advice to entry level CX and/or Contact Center employees

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Music courtesy of Big Red Horse