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Jump the Queue featuring Milan Batinich II, David Powers, and Bunyamin Cankirli

Released on MARCH 7, 2023

Despite the layoffs in the tech sector, unemployment in the US is at historic lows and we’re experiencing a labor shortage in many other sectors of the economy. Contact Centers have long experienced high turnover with baseline ranges estimated to be between 30 and 40 percent. While 2022 was seemingly the year of Employee Engagement, SQM’s research shows that agent engagement has remained stubbornly low for the industry and turnover is rising.

On this episode of Jump the Queue, I traverse the US from coast to coast to talk with 3 contact center pros about attracting, engaging, and retaining employees.

We start in the Midwest with Milan Batinich II, a contact center veteran and motivational speaker who’s focused on driving engagement in contact centers.

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Next, we go out west to hear from David Powers, author of The Blue Collar Call Center and CXO of Rooter Hero Plumbing & Air in Los Angeles.

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Finally, we head to Jacksonville, FL for an east coast perspective form Bunyamin Cankirli, Service Delivery Director for Concentrix, a global BPO.

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