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Just No Place for On Prem Solutions featuring Rachel Lane

Released on MAY 5, 2023

1968’s Street Fighting Man by the Rolling Stones reflects society undergoing incredible changes. Demonstrations against the Vietnam War attracted thousands of students, both in Europe and America. In some cases, they turned violent. “Hey, said my name is called Disturbance” could reflect changes we see, not just in society, but in business and technology.

When it comes to technologies used by contact centers, “Disturbance” goes by another name – “The Cloud.” Cloud-based technologies are rapidly changing the way contact centers interact with technology vendors. Perpetual licensing for on-premise “on-prem” solutions has been disrupted by short-term commitments to cloud solutions. Cloud-based solutions can implement advances in capability quickly and without involvement of the licensee.

Rachel Lane has spent her career as a vendor of technologies to contact centers (or centres as she would spell it) and has seen the revolution from on-prem to cloud firsthand.

We discuss:

  • The core functions of major contact center technologies
  • The rise of interoperable CCaaS technologies
  • The end of long-term commitments to tech vendors?
  • Are LLM’s like ChatGPT hype or transformational?
  • What buyers of technology really care about
  • Surprising anecdotes about fine art, music, and old-school technology

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Music courtesy of Big Red Horse