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Kapowee! featuring Mitch Case

Released on OCTOBER 13, 2023

If you’re not familiar with Grady the Badger, let me introduce you. Grady appeared in commercials for Johnson Automotive, a chain of dealerships in North Carolina, Maryland, and Florida. Grady was, uh, well, everything people hate about salespeople and then some. Pushy, obnoxious, misogynistic, condescending – you name it, Grady embodied it. In this commercial, he suggests feigning interest in potential customers to make the sale.

While this tactic seems slimy when it’s merely acting, Mitch Case says that becoming genuinely interested in his customers is what allowed him to become a highly successful salesperson. Revenue, Referrals, and Retention are his 3 R’s for driving the Customer Relationship Experience.

He’s also the Founder of More than a Meal, a service that helps organizations create memorable experiences that increase employee retention, boost employee morale, and strengthen company culture.

We discuss:
• The inspiration for More than a Meal
• How More than a Meal impacts Employee Experience
• Strategies for strengthening customer relationships
• How focusing only on the potential revenue of a deal backfires in sales
• The power of being intentional
• How to engender trust in others
• One big tip for salespeople to increase referrals

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12-Step Customer Relationship Experience Framework

Music courtesy of Big Red Horse