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LinkedIn State of Mind featuring Elena Garvey

Released on OCTOBER 20, 2023

Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind featuring Alicia Keys was a love letter to New York. It was a song that expressed how, despite its obvious flaws, the city offered things that no other city offered. New York is a place of inspiration, style, renewal, dreams, and success stories. At the same time, it can be a brutal gauntlet that pushes you to (and possibly past) your limits. As Old Blue Eyes once sang about New York, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.”

Cities and towns have been creating communities for centuries. But in the last two decades, the internet has created new ways to create communities – social networks. The first social network to gain significant global traction was MySpace, which launched 20 years ago in August, 2003. At its height, it had 115 million monthly visitors, though that number is less than 10 million today. It may surprise you that the more buttoned-down social network, LinkedIn, launched 3 months before MySpace. And while MySpace is now often forgotten relic of our social networking past, LinkedIn is approaching 1 billion members from over 200 countries. Like communities have for thousands of years, LinkedIn strives to create economic opportunity for its members.

Elena Garvey is the former head of CX at LinkedIn and she joins the show this week to talk about the digital jungle where dream jobs are made of.

We discuss:
• The experience of being recruited for LinkedIn on LinkedIn
• The aspirational vision of LinkedIn
• How a global customer base affects CX strategy
• How regulations and compliance can impact CX
• The impact of the pandemic on LinkedIn
• The surprising impact of the LinkedIn “CX Show”
• Resources for learning more about CX

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