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Looks Good On You Though featuring Nate Brown

Released on AUGUST 30, 2023

While golf fashion is significantly more toned down these days, it was once a world filled with loud prints and wild colors. And perhaps no character personified loud and wild in the golf world quite like Rodney Dangerfield’s character in 1980’s classic film, Caddyshack. In this scene, after making fun of a particular trilby in a golf shop, he sees Ted Knight’s character wearing the exact same hat.

No stranger to golf or brightly colored clothes and hats, Nate Brown blossomed when he found the right community – a community that accepted him for what he was, supported him, and allowed him to be comfortable in his own skin. When he was in need of a professional community of CX pros who would do the same thing, he couldn’t quite find it. So, he created it. The CX Accelerator Slack Community now boasts thousands of members sharing insights and mentoring each other.

And as for Nate’s hat selection, and I say this without sarcasm, they truly look good on him.

On this week’s bonus episode, Nate and I discuss:

  • How the right communities helped Nate becoming the outgoing person he is today
  • The nexus of CX Accelerator
  • What is Customer Experience and how do you show the ROI of CX work?
  • What Customer Service professionals can learn from Customer Success
  • How the mission of CX Accelerator impacts its members
  • Nate’s 3 layers of community
  • 3 books from Nate’s personal library
  • The genesis of Nate’s fun and exciting wardrobe

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