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Okay Campers Rise and Shine featuring EJ Kritz

Released on JULY 7, 2023

Being an agent in a contact center can sometimes feel like Groundhog Day. You take call after call every shift and most of them sound like the calls you took the day before that, and the day before that, and the day before that. Of course, not everyone can thrive in that kind of environment. I mean, Bill Murray spent ⁠12,395 days⁠ repeating the same day over and over, but he had no choice in the matter! Contact Center agents most certainly have a choice, so it’s critical to hire people who appreciate stability and predictability at work.

EJ Kritz understands that Customer Experience begins with Employee Experience. If you’re wondering why your contact center attrition is high or why you have challenges hiring (or both), EJ has some suggestions for you, and no, they don’t involve AI.

We discuss:

  • The most overlooked issue impacting employee retention
  • What you can learn from a blank cereal box
  • Overcoming challenges presented by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • How the experience of letting people go can impact your business
  • Employee Satisfaction vs. Employee Engagement
  • How to make onboarding an amazing experience
  • The value of “boomeranging” new hires in training
  • 3 words that will change your approach to public speaking

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