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Outsourcing is the Answer to Everything featuring Tyler Orrell

Released on APRIL 28, 2023

It turns out that outsourcing isn’t the answer to *everything* like Homer suggests in this episode of the Simpsons. But outsourcing *can* be an effective way for businesses to focus their people on the core functions of their business while ensuring the non-core functions are still taken care of.

But outsourcing isn’t a decision to be taken lightly and finding the right partner, whether they’re onshore, nearshore, or offshore, can be quite an undertaking.

Tyler Orrell is a CX zealot who’s spent over two decades leading and developing contact centers all over the world.

We discuss:

  • The nebulous nature of the terms onshore and offshore when it comes to outsourcing
  • Reasons you might want to consider outsourcing
  • Things to consider when making an outsourcing decision
  • The various types of work that a BPO can handle for organizations
  • How an organization can navigate finding an outsourced partner
  • How technology impacts any outsourcing decision
  • How to create a successful relationship with an outsourced provider

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