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Revenge of the Data Nerds featuring Jaclyn Herr

Released on MARCH 24, 2023

In the 1984 film, Revenge of the Nerds, the stereotype of the nerd eventually emerged as the hero, possibly inspiring nerd culture as we know it today. The term nerd was initially a pejorative, but beginning in the late 90’s, the interests of “nerds” and nerds themselves became more popular, in large part because of the rise of personal computers. Silicon Valley now wields an incredible amount of influence over both our work and personal lives. Data, once relegated to the realm of men with pocket protectors, became a critical part of business, media, and marketing. Today, data is now considered the most valuable resource in the world. But ensuring the integrity of data is in the hands of Business Intelligence professionals like Jaclyn Herr.

Jaclyn leads Business Intelligence and Customer Experience at TeeTurtle, maker apparel, toys, and games, featuring both in-house designs and licensed characters from Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars. Yeah, nerd culture stuff.

We discuss:

  • The Zendesk support platform
  • Why customer data is important to businesses
  • How data-driven stories affect change
  • Dealing with bad data
  • The biggest driver of customer expectations today

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