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Scar Tissue featuring Rob Connelly

Released on OCTOBER 6, 2023

In 1992, guitarist John Frusciante left the wildly successful Red Hot Chili Peppers and spent the better part of the decade battling heroin addiction. Nearly 7 years later, he reunited with the band and it’s his unmistakable melody that introduces the Grammy-winning 1999 hit, Scar Tissue. The song delved into themes of drug addiction and the struggles to overcome it – lead singer Anthony Kiedis had been battling his own addiction as well. But Scar Tissue spoke to more than recovering drug addicts – it spoke to all kinds of people dealing with all sorts of trauma that they keep hidden from the world.

Rob Connelly may be in the Contact Center software business with Vistio, but he firmly believes that the human element is the most important part of Customer Experience. When it comes to humans working with humans, be it customers and agents or salespeople and executives, he believes that understanding how we each bring our own scar tissue into every conversation can change the quality of interactions.

We discuss:
• How “scar tissue” is experienced in the Contact Center
• How companies can empower agents to deal with scar tissue
• A lesson companies can learn from the non-profit sector
• The best diagnostic tool for Customer Experience
• The opportunity presented by the pandemic
• Why company culture impacts agent performance

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Music courtesy of Big Red Horse