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Searchin' featuring Sariel Moshe

Released on APRIL 14, 2023

In Searchin’, this 1957 Lieber and Stuller hit performed by the Coasters, Billy Guy, sings about his determined search that has yielded no results to this point. While he’s searchin’ for his love, searching for specific, reliable, and up to date information to support customers can often feel just as challenging.

The promise of the internet was the world’s knowledge at your fingertips. According to the latest estimates, 328.77 million terabytes of data are created each day and the amount of data is growing exponentially. Speaking of exponentially, in 2022, two new prefixes, ronna and quetta, representing 1027 and 1030 were added to the metric system because the vast amount of data that exists was approaching the top range of the existing prefixes. All this data has contributed to the challenge of locating exactly what you’re looking for.

Sariel Moshe saw this issue sifting through data during his days in military intelligence. Eventually, he saw the same issue during his time at PayPal and he set out to improve search by making use of context.

We discuss:

  • Why keywords will become a thing of the past
  • Why enterprise knowledge base search bars work so poorly compared to Google
  • How “promptability” will change how knowledge is stored
  • Why he expects support teams to change focus from case-solving to knowledge creation
  • Why “trust” will become the key to the next level of search

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Music courtesy of Big Red Horse