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Seriously Understaffed featuring Irina Mateeva

Released on OCTOBER 27, 2023

Not every situation calls for the whole team. But even the likes of Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) and Iron Man (Tony Stark) feel it when there aren’t enough of them to handle the job, like in this scene from 2016’s Captain America: Civil War.

Staffing plans are important for all kinds of businesses, including, apparently, the superhero business. But in the contact center world, instead of super-soldiers, Nazis, and politicians to worry about, Workforce Management professionals must deal with call arrival patterns, average handle times, shrinkage, and so much more to ensure that customer interactions are handled in a timely manner.

WFM, or Workforce Management may not have the excitement of a Marvel movie, but if you ask Irina Mateeva, it’s definitely not boring!

We discuss:

• How Irina got into WFM

• Functions of WFM

• The critical nature of forecasting

• How Intraday management impacts the business

• The biggest myth about WFM

• Should AHT be an agent KPI?

• Why no WFM technology is one-size-fits-all

• How WFM solutions can impact Employee Experience

• Why a WFM consultant might be right for you

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