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The Color Of This Pen Is featuring Nick Glimsdahl

Released on AUGUST 4, 2023

Liar Liar imagined an attorney who could only tell the truth for an entire day. In this scene, he’s attempting to use all his willpower to simply lie about the color of a pen. This 1997 Jim Carrey film makes us wonder – what if marketers had to do the same?

Nick Glimsdahl, host of Press 1 for Nick and Director of Contact Center Solutions at VDS, thinks they would tell a very different story.

We discuss:

  • The State of Customer Service Today
  • How organizational measures get in the way of being customer-focused
  • Why consumer sentiment is degrading despite constant feedback
  • How to ask better questions
  • A strategy for personal improvement borrowed from the contact center
  • The best (and worst) uses for AI in Contact Centers
  • Why technology needs to match your Mission, Vision, and Values
  • The most impactful interview Nick ever conducted

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