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The Look featuring Daniel Nilsson

Released on DECEMBER 1, 2023

In 1989, Roxette took the world by storm with their first hit, “The Look.” Songwriter, Per Gessle wanted the band’s 2nd album, Look Sharp, to be “a little more programmed, digital, and modern” than their first effort, Pearls of Passion, so he got a synthesizer and in the process of learning to use it, wrote “The Look.”

Daniel Nilsson believes support should be “a little more programmed, digital, and modern” as well. Not only does his proactive approach to support reduce support inquires, it drives more sales through channel partners.

We discuss:

  • Why Daniel believes in always being available for Customer Support
  • How Preventative Support impacts product design
  • How good onboarding impacts Support
  • How great Channel Sales and Support can drive revenue
  • Tips and Tricks for providing great Channel Sales Support
  • Lessons from Marketing applied to Support
  • The critical attribute for successful Support professionals

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Music courtesy of Big Red Horse