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The Pursuit of CX Happyness featuring Jenny Dempsey

Released on MARCH 10, 2023

This scene is from the 2006 movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, inspired by the true story of Chris Gardner. Homeless with his young son, Chris was desperate to get a different job that would change his situation. But how does a salesman of bone density scanners transition to being a stockbroker?

Transitions to any new role are challenging and that holds true in CX – whether you want to get into a CX role or out of one. Jenny Dempsey, CX Thought Leader and Chief Learning Advisor for CX Accelerator, joins this week’s episode of Next in Queue to talk about these transitions.

We discuss:

  • What a typical CX involves
  • Functions that often lead to CX roles
  • Key skills needed for CX roles
  • Do CX Certifications matter?
  • Free resources for CX aspirants and CX practitioners
  • What does a CX career path look like?

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