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This Town Deserves a Better Class of Content featuring Paul Banks

Released on NOVEMBER 3, 2023

In one of his final and most acclaimed roles, Heath Ledger gives some incredible advice as The Joker in 2008’s The Dark Knight – value your skills. In this scene, he’s found the people who need his particular skillset – they probably can’t do the job themselves and besides, who has the time when you’ve got all that criming to do? So often in business, there are things we know need to be done but we struggle to find the time and we may not possess the skills.

Paul Banks realized that content was a key to building a brand and driving conversations with your ideal customers. Today, he brings his content creation skills to companies that know they need it, but either don’t have the time or skills to create compelling content.

We discuss:
• Paul’s journey to content creation
• What has and has not changed in the world of marketing
• Marketing strategy for businesses in 2024
• Tactics for creating and distributing content
• Tools for creating content
• Tips for creating content that people won’t simply scroll past

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