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What It's Like featuring Dr. Natalie Petouhoff

Released on SEPTEMBER 15, 2023

Everlast gained fame as the lead vocalist of the Irish-influenced hip-hop group House of Pain in the early 90s with their infectious hit, Jump Around. But by 1998, House of Pain had disbanded and Everlast, now nearly 30, took on a new persona for his solo career – Whitey Ford. His first hit single, What It’s Like, was more than just a musical departure from the up-tempo rock/rap anthems of his youth - it was a lesson in empathy.

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff believes business leaders often don’t know “What It’s Like” for employees and customers to experience their brand. She co-authored Empathy in Action with Tony Bates, a book that teaches how empathy-based business criteria can transform customer and employee experiences, galvanize trust and loyalty, and drive better business results.

We discuss:

  • The biggest misconception about empathy
  • What customers really want
  • How empathy transforms business practices
  • The two most critical missing measures on the P&L statement
  • How the pandemic changed the workforce forever
  • How emotional connections affect brand service recovery efforts
  • The economics of Customer and Employee Experience
  • The surprising relationship between empathy and efficiency
  • How generational differences impact the workforce zeitgeist

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Empathy in Action

Music courtesy of Big Red Horse