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You’ve Got to Know When to Hold ‘Em featuring Tino Engel

Released on AUGUST 25, 2023

The 1978 hit, The Gambler, by Kenny Rogers tells the story of a chance meeting with gambler who offers his outlook on life using poker metaphors in exchange for a drink of whisky. In the gambler’s mind, every situation requires decisions because life itself is a gamble. To play it well, you must choose wisely, take a few risks, and not dwell on inevitable losses.

Following a chance introduction to poker at a party, Tino Engel took his own gamble and began his journey as a professional poker player. Tino’s journey led him to think more deeply about our perceptions of risk, decision-making, and dealing with losing. He realized that these lessons applied to far more than poker – they applied to business and life.

Today, he’s using an edutaining poker experience to help businesses across the world to boost connection, communication, and collaboration.

We discuss:
• Two strategies for dealing with losses
• How he transitioned from professional poker to the business world
• The four values poker brings to business professionals
• What you can learn about colleagues to help you function better as a team
• Developing a common decision-making language
• Simple strategies to improve your decision-making

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Music courtesy of Big Red Horse