Ready to launch your inContact insights into the new age?

See more than just your team’s handle time – enhance NICE inContact with the rich insights of Happitu to improve your customer journeys.

Happitu inContact integration
  • Reduce training costs by as much as 80%.
  • Decrease handle time by 20%.
  • Analyze your complete inContact CX journey.

Identify and squash CX bottlenecks.

Happitu seamlessly integrates into NICE inContact’s channel routing. Queue up a ticket for every interaction (even the abandons) and serve up critical information at the beginning of the interaction so your agents can hit the ground running.

Integrated Nice InContact CRM
Agent scripting
Interactive knowledge base and help topics

Happitu is like a
personal coach for every interaction.

Happitu supports your agents by guiding them through every interaction with custom workflows, responsive scripting, and dynamic help topics.

  • No contracts.
  • 45-day trial.
  • It’s just $.99 per user per day.
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