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What's included?

Responsive Scripting

Keep your scripts personalized for the conversation at hand.

Contextual Help Topics

Help your teammates help themselves by putting your knowledge base where it’s needed.

Consistent Documentation

Design your process with your reporting needs in mind. Enforce quality standards to get data you can trust.

Assign Work

Assign the right teams to a process, and let them escalate to a higher power when they need to.

Peer Review

Set up a peer review process to get new agents up to snuff and ensure quality where it’s needed.

Automated Dispositions

Automatically tag and track important details about the conversation as the agent works through a ticket.

Dynamic Lookup

Explore and export your data at the interaction level for those nitty-gritty details.


Take a bird’s-eye view at your performance over time with trending data, and drill into the details to discover how you got there.

OAQ: Our Occasionally Asked Questions

Will Happitu work with my current CRM and phone system?

Absolutely! We have the ability to integrate with many CRMs and telecommunication platforms. If you need something special, we're here to help.

What's this talk of a free trial?

Happitu is free to use for an unlimited number of users for the first 45 days. Daily metered usage begins once the trial period is over, and you'll receive your first bill at the beginning of the next month.

How does pricing work?

We charge 99¢ per active user per day, billed monthly — that's around $30 per user per month.
Using a daily subscription price makes it simpler to implement "metered usage," which we think you'll like. Want to hear about it?

You seem to want me to ask you about "metered usage." What's that about?

We're glad you asked! We only charge 99¢ a day while a given user is active. You can think of it as a prorated monthly price.
This means that if you add a user halfway through a month, you'll only be charged from that day forward. The same thing goes for removing a user halfway through the month.

How do you handle refunds?

It often wouldn't be necessary as you're free to cancel your Happitu account at any time, and your final monthly bill will be prorated all the same.

Still have questions?

We'd be happy to answer them!